Firmware Developer

I grew up reading computer and technical magazines – instead fairy tales, I preferred to explore how the surrounding devices work and looking for answers to the question nagging people from the dawn of time: how does it work?
I wrote my first program long before I sat down to the computer keyboard, but seriously I started to learn programming on my first computer – Commodore 64.

Rafał is a graduate of Electrical Engineering at the Białystok University of Technology. He specialized in Automatics and Microprocessor Technique.

“The BASIC interpreter in C64 did not give too many options, so I had to quickly get to know the assembler. At that time, I gained a lot of respect for people who from devices with very limited capabilities (having computing power much lower than modern microcontrollers), could achieve effects beyond the imaginations of the constructors themselves.
The ability to dispose of small resources, proved to be useful when I entered the world of microcontrollers.
After switching to Amiga, my “linguistic skilles” were enriched with C language, which became for me like a second native language.
I like to work at low level, close to the devices, writing code to achieve elegance, efficiency and reliability.
I believe that programming can be an art, not only a craftsmanship.”

He joined the FP Instruments team in 2018.

Privately Rafał is an admirer of the artistic cinema.


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