When I got to know the concepts of programming for the first time, I was amazed how easily simple expressions can turn into a working program. Programming skills and wish for self-development brought me into the electronics and microprocessors world. With every new project I was getting more and more convinced that embedded systems design is my passion that I want to pursue professionally.

Maciej joined FP Instruments team in 2016.
,,In my life I try to adjust the surrounding world to my own needs. Seeking solutions to new problems I am always willing to experiment and try new unconventional ways. This approach gives me experience which is very useful when working on other projects.
I am very impressed how state of the art technologies are improving every aspect of our life. I want to contribute to that development, so I decided to start working for FP Instruments.”
In his free time, Maciej enjoys developing his own projects, playing the guitar and cycling.

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