Like everyone else, when I was a child I loved to receive toys. When I was very young, I would play with them. During the course of time, however, I wondered what they had inside them, and how they worked. I had the most fun when I tore them apart and looked into the mechanisms inside that made them function. I still do it to this day; however, contemporary “toys” are so much more complex and are usually electronic.

“When I encounter a new device, I work to ensure I understand how it works and then consider whether there are other possibilities for it in another practical project.

In FPI I have the opportunity to transform theory acquired from my studies using my manual skills and imagination which I acquired when I “tore toys apart” into practice. This allows me to solve numerous problems and I enjoy the challenge.

Overcoming obstacles assists my development, and helps me acquire further knowledge and new skills. Moreover, it provides me with satisfaction, motivation and energy for future work.”

In his free time, Adam likes training new skills, riding his motorcycle, snowboarding and skiing. He also likes arrange a Rubik’s cube and creating simple games in Unity3D.

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