Konsorcjum FP Space

Three companies join forces to create FP Space consortium.

Starting with Intuiton-1 mission with one of the most advanced On-Board Computers and Earth observation components, the FP Space Consortium begins its journey into Space.  FP Space is build of three companies: KP Labs, FP Instruments and Future Processing.

The effects of the work of FP Space engineers will be seen in Space but will also bring benefits on Earth:

  • Thanks to the data being collected and processed on board of Intuition-1 it will be possible to monitor the health status of plants, forests, forecast crops and create maps of air pollution .
  • PW-Sat2, mission will test a deorbitation sail, which will allow to shorten the time of life of a satellite in Space. The project is carried out by the Warsaw University of Technology and is supported by Future Processing and FP Instruments.
  • Projects will involve AI and Machine Learning.
  • FP Space mission statement:”We believe that further space exploration is inevitable for the progression of humanity. We accelerate space exploration by advancing autonomous spacecraft operation and robotic technology“.

Consortium members:

KP Labs: https://kplabs.pl/

FP Instruments: https://fp-instruments.com

Future Processing: https://www.future-processing.pl/