Krzysztof Czyż

Krzysztof Czyż

 Chief Technical Officer

When a new project starts, I am the person who is responsible for defining the starting point and giving the right direction to successful product development. My job is to fully define the scope of the product, mainly all technological features, and ensure clear development steps, with milestones, and finally design activities for the team. One could say that I am the person who not only plans but also integrates the world of firmware and hardware development in our company.

Krzysztof graduated in 2002 with a MSc in Computer Controlled Systems from the Silesian University of Technology. In 2006 he gained a PhD in Automatic Control and Robotics and his thesis, about digital signal processing, passed with Distinction.

His outstanding knowledge in the field of hardware and software design of microprocessor, embedded systems and real-time operating systems is supported by several years of practical experience in implementing medium-size projects. He
has, in addition, extensive experience in designing analogue circuits, digital signal processing and advanced industrial control processes; all this supplements his knowledge.

He joined the FP Instruments team in 2009.

“My career in FPI began from R&D into locating objects in 3D space. For me, the next project was crucial because it required a special and unusual approach to the problems it presented. Between 2009-2011, within a small team of people, we developed a prototype external disk SSD equipped with a unique solutions – a system for the physical destruction of data. What provided me with the greatest pleasure and motivation whilst working on this project was its uniqueness and its originality in refining the product development. This project was very ambitious in terms of technical features, and required the solution of new problems. It’s realization was more advanced and complex than simply submitting finished blocks of work.

Completing these kinds of products gave me great satisfaction.

Now, from the perspective of time, I must admit that spending time working together as a team on developing and completing these products, demonstrated to me that the strongest aspect of FP Instruments is it’s team of young , ambitious, well -accomplished and versatile people, who are hungry for knowledge, who derive incredible satisfaction from their job, and who want to constantly enhance their professionalism. Working in this kind of team allowed me to cultivate and develop my passion for the creation of dedicated equipment and software for embedded systems. Although a lot of time has passed since I brought my first hand-designed microprocessor system to fruition, I still feel that same thrill, achieve that same sense of emotion and it reminds me why I want to do my job.

Key words: Project management, team player, problem-solving orientation, embedded systems design, travelling, cooking.

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