I used to be so much impressed by the ability to create something new, and I have always wanted to know how all these devices surrounding us are produced. Here, in FP-Instruments I can take part in the creation of exciting and interesting devices, seeing their development process from the beginning to the end.

“As a child, I always wanted to create something new and built my own things. My experience with electricity started when I used an electric motor controlled by button to close my room door. Shortly after, I discovered C++ language and I started to program many applications on Windows platform. But the real adventure with hardware started at Silesian University of Technology where I met MSP430 and Atmega microcontrollers family. I remember how excited I was to find out that such a small component can be programmed the same way as PC is. Afterwards, I designed my first PCB board and created a propeller clock and it was my ticket to this job – my project has been noticed by the CEO of FP Instruments. Now I am very proud to be a part of such an experienced and ambitious team.”

In his spare time, Adam creates and develops his own projects. He also likes riding his motorcycle and playing the piano.

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